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They are made up of three candlesticks running in the same direction to force the asset upwards or binary option strategies downwards. b) Kicker patterns and black crows are candlesticks made up of successive candlestick patterns in a particular direction. The appearance of two of the candles can be used as a basis for making the entry.

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After years of fruitless trial and error Roger Pierce has come up with a TOP Secret, revolutionary, next generation trading and signal service that is recession proof, crash proof and fool proof, requiring no experience. His system takes all the difficulty and confusion of complicated market analysis out of your hands so that you can focus on what is really important; making money. is a new signal service provider making the same claims as the rest. Of course there are oodles and oodles of examples of how his system makes trades, I mean there are lots of pictures of account balances and closed trades meant to whet your appetite for the financial freedom he is offering. What there isn’t is examples of how the trades are generated.

Binary Options Millionaire framework is a recent scam production by fraudsters. The Binary Options Millionaire is a scam and we ask you to look for a legit system. Unexpectedly, it was shockingly simple to confirm that the BO Millionaire is a scam and you shouldn’t trust this. What’s more, it is not amazing. It has not been clarified how it functions, what’s the innovation behind the product, the maker is unknown.

Binary Options Trading Signals (BOTS) is a signal provider that was designed by binary and forex expert Franco. You get a peek at various assets, but the most winning aspect is that you get live binary options trading on the chart in the form of an arrow that points up for "buy or call" and one that points down for "sell or put". Franco has been in the trading game for now for over 15 years so he provides a wealth of knowledge and insights. When you log into the BOTS platform, you are given access to Franco’s trading room, and you’re able to view his charts.

Candlestick charts are very important in trading because they not only serve as a means of price action representation, but they also give a visual representation of what traders are doing in the market.

The package is built on four pillars. First, the algorithm uses 5 different fine tuned custom indicators to generate signals. The Risk/Reward Stabilizing System, the MPIS-Multi Indicator System, Supply/Demand Price Prediction and Auto-Adaptive Profit Trade Technology. The Risk/Reward Stabilizing System is meant to ensure that all factors are in alignment to provide high probability trades and keep trade risks low so that you can be assured of an 80-100% win ratio. This ensures that the signals are strong, then in order for the package to actually give you a buy or sell signal the five indicators must also "co-exist" with Rogers strategy, which is still unclear. The system is meant to be used with 60 second and 5 minute Turbo options but can also be used for 15 minute and 1 hour digital options. Based on his vocabulary I expect that he uses a Keystone Platform based broker but this signal service is compatible with any binary broker with 60 second, 5 minute, 15 minute and one hour expiry. In order for a signal to generate all five indicators must be in agreement.

In the end though there are still questions unanswered. As usual, I expected to find that this was in fact an affiliate marketing scheme but so far I have found no evidence of that. It may be a legitimate software but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a scam. All of his examples of profits are showing returns in the range of 25 and 30%. I can’t think of a single broker with returns that low. What are they based on? However, just because he chose an unfortunate marketing style for his web page doesn’t mean it is a scam either. The price of $97 isn’t too bad but without more info I am loathe to pay it. Are signals trend following or other? I would hate to pay only to find out that the software and analysis package was just as bad. Other questions I have include more about the indicators. In total, out of the entire page, I would estimate that there is about 5% or less actual information, the rest is just marketing fluff. Questions like, what broker is this joker using?

He got his start in the early 80’s as a trader on the London Stock Exchange. Here is a summary of the biographical information found on the website. Pierce is yet another on line marketer trying to make a buck off the binary options industry. Ol’ Roger then used his decades of experience as a trader, manager and software designer to create the AutoBinarySignal service. After many successful years trading the 80’s bull market he found himself broke and divorced following the Black Monday market crash of 1987. After decades of work in the field, and making millions of dollars, he has decided to offer his valuable services to us, the binary trading community. After that he went to work as a software developer and consultant for hedge funds until finally opening up his own hedge fund in the mid 90’s. The service includes the signal package license for downloading, a members area and daily analysis provided by Roger himself. He worked as a hedge fund manager for many years until realizing in 2008 the housing bubble was about to burst, at which time he discovered binary option trading options and turned his attention there. The entire package is worth over $2200 but he is selling it to us now for one low charge of $97, but you better "apply" fast because he says he’ll sell out soon.